Any kid can do Physics.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

The only thing standing between your child and success in Physics is the proper explanation. Teenagers speak their own special language, but unfortunately that’s not always the same language that is spoken in their Physics classroom. That’s where the problem starts, and where we come in.

As a retired, former highly-successful SBISD Physics teacher, I know what your student needs to know, how it needs to be taught, and how it’s going to be tested.

During my tenure at MHS I authored a large portion of the Academic level curriculum and am very familiar with the Pre-AP curriculum taught at both Memorial and Stratford, the ItsLearning platform, the UT Quest homework platform and process, and how to communicate effectively and efficiently with your child’s teacher. More important than all of that though is my ability to speak “teenager”. With 18 years of teaching experience, both in the classroom and in the private sector, this fluency is what allows me to connect with your child, diagnose their issue, and get them back on track quickly.

There are a lot of tutoring outfits that offer Physics tutoring. There aren’t a lot of Physics TEACHERS.

If your SBISD student is having trouble, THIS is where you need to be. It’s time to get your kiddo back on track. Together.


One thought on “Any kid can do Physics.

  1. I didn’t have a very good physics teacher in high school so I relied 100% on Nerd Herd and Ms. Spradling for help. Ms. Spradling is more a mother than a tutor; she pulls you through physics by the ear and makes sure you know what you’re doing. No better physics tutor in town, one session with Ms. Spradling will reinforce that!


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